I have bought and sold several properties in the Riverdale area using the services of Roger Kilgour as well as a restaurant and catering company with great success.  I have also used Roger’s vast referral network for many other services he endorses.  Roger is not your typical functionary Realtor; he takes a serious and vested interest in his profession and runs his Real Estate practice like a serious business.

Eric Rogers - Owner Playing With Fire Catering - Riverdale Bought, Sold & Referred Roger Kilgour

Roger Kilgour has bought and sold many properties for me and is my Realtor of choice.  Anyone can sell anything.  Very few can sell for the most money and buy for the least.  Roger is an expert at both and I fully endorse him as the best Professional Realtor I know.  


Arthur Potts

MPP Beaches East York

Aruthr Potts MPP Supports Roger Kilgour as favourite Realtor Guy 2nd time

File No: KILGOUR - Roger reference letter


I was introduced to Roger Kilgour by a colleague of mine and fellow Senior Officer in the Ontario Provincial Police.

At the time I found myself acting as the co-executor along, with my sister, of my late parent’s estate and I needed to find a Realtor who was someone I could trust to be professional, truthful and effective in selling our family home. Roger had already acted for several of my colleagues with rave reviews and I felt comfortable contacting him.

During after our interview I knew everything I had heard about Rogers skill set was true. We established trust with him immediately and we hired Roger to be our Realtor then and there. He helped us with every aspect of the sale from selecting and hiring trades to ready the home for market, to floor plans, beautiful colour feature brochures and a custom website specific to our home. The marketing materials were exceptional.

The selling process was handled with complete attention to detail and one thing that is very important to me, is that I could trust everything Roger told me to be the truth. In my business that would appear to be obvious, but when you add the emotion of selling your home into the equation, trusting your advisor is beyond measure.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Roger Kilgour as my Realtor of choice.


Andy Karski

Detective Inspector Ontario Provincial Police

Andy Karski - Detective Inspector Ontario Provincial Police

Dear Roger,

I would like to thank you and Ruth for your help with my first foray into real estate. Having never owned property, it was an intimidating decision to look into purchasing my first condo, but you and Ruth made the process absolutely seamless.

Ruth has an uncanny ability to identify the type of property one is interested in with very little to work from. Between her insight, your tolerance for anxious attorneys who always think they know better, and your negotiation skills (hours before midnight!), my first property purchase was found and the agreement completed in the course of 24 hours. You were extremely patient, and never once rushed me in the many months before I decided to actually begin looking at properties. Yet the minute I identified the one I wanted, without hesitation, you negotiated on my behalf, preventing a bidding war, and securing my ideal first condo.

Team Kiigour provided professionalism, skill, guidance, and service that eased my concerns and took away the stress I assumed would be associated with buying my first property. I cannot thank you enough, and it is my pleasure to refer you to my friends and colleagues with the same fervour with which I was referred to you. I will undoubtedly be seeking your assistance again with future purchases or sales.

Yours very truly,

Cherrine Chow 


Cherrine Chow Lawyer - Baker McKenzie - Purchased With Roger Kilgour

We interviewed six of our neighbourhoods top performing Realtors and ended up listing our home with TeamKilgour, whose office was not local.  
The main reason we chose Roger was that we believed him when he told us, “We don’t just list homes, we market them”.  He did just that and in very short order got us a lot more money for our home than any of the others had predicted we would get.  
Roger and the members of TeamKilgour are consummate professionals.

Frank Andreoli - Financial Advisor - Roger Kilgour Listed Our Home

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you and your incredible team have done for me. I am so profoundly grateful. You literally rescued me!

As you know the first real estate agent I hired promised to stage my apartment, and ‘take care of everything’. She was confident she could sell my apartment within a few weeks of staging and listing it. Two months later, despite reducing the price, twice, I had no offers, few viewings and I was very worried.

That is when I contacted you and asked if you would consider taking on my apartment.

From the first meeting with you and Ruth I felt I was now in the hands of true professionals. You were so thorough, considerate and thoughtful. You had a clear, well thought out and realistic plan of action.

Every step of the way you clearly knew your craft, from the value of the space and the amount of money I needed to spend, (minimal) to prepare it.

You put together a beautiful brochure, gorgeous photos, a floor plan and website dedicated to my property. You were on top of every detail. You took the time and the steps necessary to prepare my apartment.

It became clear to me that the first agent, albeit well intentioned, was a rank amateur. I was now in the hands of true professionals. That was confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, when you sold my apartment just FOUR days after listing it.

My only regret is that I didn’t hire you in the first place.

Thank you so much

Michelle Métivier

Michelle Metivier - Bought & Sold With Roger & Team

Re: Roger Kilpour Realtor - reference letter

Roger has represented us as our Realtor for the sale of our home twice and the
purchase of our most recent home. Our first home was listed previously with another
Realtor who was unable to sell it at a price we were comfortable with. I was referred to
Roger by a fellow lawyer who is also a friend and immediately recognized the
professional attributes present in Roger that were absent in our previous Realtor. Roger
actually sold the home for more than we had the house listed for with the previous
Realtor who had wanted us to reduce the price.

Our last sale took place in a private gated community where very few sales occur.

Roger was able to facilitate the sale by enticing another Realtor to bring their Buyer to us
rather than continue with their planned route to purchase another property they were
seriously considering. The end result is we could not have been happier with the way
the sale was handled.

Roger understands the importance of Agency and represented our best interests every
step of the way in all three transactions brining us tremendous results each time. It is
with great pleasure that I recommend Roger and his team to anyone who appreciates
attention to detail and the highest level of professional service.

I am happy to answer any inquiries or further questions the reader may have.

Your truly,

Paul Holden

Vice President, Legal & Industry Affairs

Paul Holden - Lawyer Molson Coors - Bought & Sold With Roger

Living in Lawrence Park, I unavoidably know many Realtors.  However, I also know Roger Kilgour and when it came time for us to move, the choice for who to use as our Realtor was clear.  Honest, professional and reliable are the best words I could use to describe Roger and his members of TeamKilgour. We bought our new home and sold our previous home with Roger and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who expects the absolute best in professional service with complete communication.

John Firstbrook -Firstbrook Insurance Group- Lawrence Park Sold & Purchased With Roger

RE: Roger Kilgour - Realtor reference letter

Roger Kilgour has acted for me as my Realtor for the acquisition of our home in Lawrence Park and our cottage on Lake Joseph in Muskoka. On both occasions, Rogers’s unique ability to see past the obvious and into areas I never would have imagined has served us greatly. On the purchase of our home he saved us untold aggravation which, in turn, translated into savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on that purchase. In another transaction, it was in excess of a million dollars that Roger was uniquely able to steer back into our pockets. The purchase turned out unforeseen legal issues on the Seller’s side that were on the verge of impeding the sale. Roger, with his special relationships in the right places and at the right time, saw to the matters being resolved favourably by the court and the transaction was successfully completed.

My business practice as a lawyer is primarily based on commodity taxation and, as such, I am well versed in the art of negotiation in both pre-trial discovery and matters before the courts. The buying and selling of real estate is, in my opinion, a very subjective process even for the most seasoned business mind and having professional and objective advice is paramount to avoiding the pitfalls which abound during negotiations in this field.

There is no other realtor I have ever met that offers the blend of knowledge and professional skills as exhibited by Roger. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking the very best representation in the field of real estate.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this reference at any time.


Sean Aylward

Sean Aylward Lawyer - Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP - Bought & Sold With Roger Kilgour

As the National Leader of the mortgage recover unit for Gowlings in Canada, I work with many Realtors on a regular basis.  Roger’s name came to my attention from our administrators who cited him as one of the most organized and efficient Realtors we had engaged in our Toronto recovery operations.  When it came time to find a Realtor I could trust to help my daughter buy her first home, I asked our Real Estate Coordinator who would be the best candidate.  It was without hesitation that she told me to call Roger Kilgour.  I did and I engaged Roger and his team to help us.  Things worked out wonderfully and in fact, so much so, we engaged him yet again to help our other daughter buy her first home as well. 

I found Roger to be very Professional, well organized, honest and straightforward and being completely devoted to us as his clients.  Whether selling or buying property, how your Realtor handles the negotiations and subsequent paperwork in your transaction is vital to the process and its outcome. 

It is without hesitation that I would recommend anyone seeking the very best in Client service from their Realtor to engage Roger Kilgour as their Realtor of choice.  Your lawyer will be glad you did.



Brian McCluskey Lawyer/Partner Gowling WLG

I know Roger Kilgour.  I have golfed with him; I have watched him try to play hockey and I have used the services of Roger and his Team selling Real Estate. All I can say is whatever he’s doing (except in hockey) he knows the rules and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything that can be done, is being done with the highest level of service possible.  Always reachable and easy to talk to, I gladly recommend TeamKilgour as your Realtor.

Paul Coffey - NHL Hockey Player (Retired) - Sold Investment Property With Roger Kilgour

As a custom builder and developer of both fine residential homes and commercial properties I have met and worked with many realtors over the years. In my opinion good realtors possess average skills and a very few realtors are great and possess the strong skills necessary in their field. Then there is Roger. He knows his craft like no other and appreciably comprehends every aspect of custom building at the highest levels, which is the key to us using his services.

I have hired Roger to represent us for both purchasing and selling real estate. I have also engaged his services consulting on proposed commercial and residential development sites. His marketing materials are first class and he delivers on his promises. Roger is the definition of a "Fixer" and is always thinking outside the box. He conducts his business in an insightful and proactive manner, being the first to identify issues and will work tirelessly until they are fully addressed.

Roger brings with him the highest levels of trust and integrity combined with a very special set of skills. It is therefore without hesitation that I recommend Roger Kilgour and his team to anyone who is seeking the best possible outcome in any real estate transaction,


Richard Wilson

Richard & Laura Wilson - Agnora Glass & Wilson Project Owners - Bought & Sold With Roger

Roger Kilgour has bought and sold many properties for me and is my Realtor of choice.  Anyone can sell anything.  Very few can sell for the most money and buy for the least.  Roger is an expert at both and I fully endorse him as the best Professional Realtor I know.  


Arthur Potts

MPP Beaches East York

Aruthr Potts MPP Supports Roger Kilgour as favourite Realtor Guy

To Whom It May Concern:
Re; Roger Kilgour
I have known Roger both personally and professionally for over 20 years. I have engaged Rogers's professional services on a number of occasions, including purchasing our home and a second investment property in Rosedale. I can say, without hesitation, that Roger's business judgment and negotiation skills are beyond that of any other realtor with whom I have dealt. In addition, Roger is always available after the transaction to deal with any issues which arise. I also have personally referred Roger to many colleagues and friends whom, without exception, have been very pleased with the referral. I strongly recommend Roger as an agent to act in all matters concerning residential real estate. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Charles "Chuck" Higgins - Lawyer Fasken Martineau - Bought, Sold & Referred Roger

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